Coravel is a .NET Standard library designed for .NET Core apps.

Include Coravel in either an existing .NET Core application (version 2.1.0+) or another .NET Standard project(s).


Coravel requires the nuget package Coravel to get started.

dotnet add package coravel


You can visit the GitHub repo here.


Coravel CLI

Alternatively, you may install Coravel using the Coravel CLI.

Coravel CLI is a dotnet core tool that you can use as a global executable (similar to npm or dotnet) that gives you easy installs, scaffolding abilities, etc.

To install the CLI:

dotnet tool install --global coravel-cli

To install Coravel into an existing project with the CLI:

coravel install

Coravel Pro

If you are using EF Core in your project, you might want to have a look at Coravel Pro.