Coravel CLI

Coravel CLI is a .NET core global tool that gives you an even quicker way to get started with Coravel!


Install by running this command in your terminal:

dotnet tool install --global coravel-cli

Install Coravel

You may use the CLI to install Coravel into an existing .NET core project.

In the root of your project, enter the command:

coravel install

This will install the required Nuget package(s) for you!


Scaffold Mail Views

You can scaffold most of the mailer feature by using the CLI:

coravel mail install

Create A New Mailable

You can generate a new mailable:

coravel mail new [nameOfYourMailable]

This will create both a new mailable class and view.


You may generate a new invocable:

coravel invocable new [nameOfYourInvocable]

The new class will be under ./Invocables.

Events And Listeners

You may generate events and corresponding listeners:

coravel event new [eventName] [listenerName]

If the event specified already exists, then the existing event will not be overwritten.

Therefore, you can issue the coravel event new command multiple times to generate multiple listeners for the same event:

coravel event new UserCreatedEvent SendUserCreatedEmailListener

coravel event new UserCreatedEvent StartBillingUserListener

Given the event UserCreatedEvent already existed before issuing the commands above, only the new listeners will be created for you.


Remember to register your listeners into the service container and register/subscribe your events and listeners.